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от 300 до 500 usd

Junior Web Tester

Join the Colnect team and mix your passion with full time work. We need independent, dedicated, self-motivated, efficient and creative people to join us as a web tester.

Working for Colnect provides:

  • Set your own schedule.

  • Work from home or anywhere.

  • Various responsibilities and minimal bureaucracy.

  • Above all - working with collectibles and for collectors around the world! :D


Working hours (at least 40 per week / 170 per month) will be registered using a time tracking ...

  • 22 ноября 2018 — lviv.hh.ua
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от 400 до 800 usd

Web developer

Hey, folks, our small and very friendly Colnect team is looking for a web-developer to join us! We need independent, dedicated, self-motivated, efficient and creative people.

Position requirements:

  • Good knowledge of programming concepts (such as OOP) and the ability to learn by yourself.
  • Proven knowledge of PHP/JavaScript/CSS/HTML would be an advantage.
  • Having experience running a fully-fledged website would be a Access to a workspace with a fast Internet connection and a personal


  • 22 ноября 2018 — lviv.hh.ua

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